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Hi!  My name is Michael White and my callsign is W5NIG.  My previous call was KD5RBO!
I'm just starting a complete update of the ham radio site here as I haven't done so since I was KD5RBO
and a lot of information was toatally out of date!
I've just in the last few years actually purchased w5nig.com and figured that since my ham
site is no longer just a small link off of my regular site www.coffeepower.net I had better get
my backside busy!  Please check back occasionally (yeah right) as I will be updating the pictures and such.

Me posing for the camera at the station!

My CaT Willie passed out after working 40 meters all night. At least he turned the Amplifier off!!

Here are a few more stats:
Longitude: -97.46897
Latitude: 33.12221
Altitude: 907ft

The below image is only updated hourly, if you want 5 minute data than click on one of the Wunderground images above!
After moving from the old QTH to the new one in December 2002 the elevation went up to what is listed above, a 380ft increase
from the previous house!  WOW!
This info was pulled via my Rand McNally gps head unit plugged into my laptop running FREE GPS Diagnostics software by 'CommLinx Solutions'.
(no they didn't pay me, heh)
8 satellites were available for my data.
I had to convert the distance from Meters to Feet but there are plenty of calculators out there for that.
Here's what the screenshot of the software LoOkS like!
...and you can download the software HERE  from c|net's download.com!
If for some reason the software disapears in the future you can search for it on the web under the
name of GPSdiag.exe and the application is 448kb in size.

More about me?  (well you didn't really ask but here goes!)
I was born in Houston, Texas on January 5th in 1968.  I'm only 35 at the time of this writing.
I got my ticket in January of this year (2002) and am currently an Amateur Extra.  I upgraded from
Technician to Extra on Field Day of 2002!  MUCH thanks to the great bunch of guys that hang out on
the W5FKN repeater for hosting the code classes and test sessions!  They're a great bunch!
(shh, don't tell 'em though. Wouldn't want them to get fat(er) heads! hi hi)

My station equipment is as follows:

Icom 730: 1985 era rig, does 10m-80m including WARC bands. I bought it used and luckily it had the filters installed
and a few other goodies that I haven't had a chance to use yet.  Got it on Ebay.  Have had it in the shop to fix a few things.  It came with a hand microphone that was off of another rig.  The handmic is a 4 pin and the rig is an 8pin.  Homebrew connection cable came with it.
Icom 737A: 1993 era rig!  This is a great HF rig that I did some horse trading for.   I had my Minelab metal detector which I hadn't been using at as much as of late and thought that (for now) I'd trade it for this really cool rig!   (get another MD later!) 
MFJ Delux versa tuner II.  Helps me tune what bands my vertical doesn't get or on the dipole.
Gap Challenger vertical antenna.  32ft tall and tunes 80 down to 2 meters.  It doesn't tune 30m or 17m (grr) but the tuner does fine for those bands.  80m is a bit limited (depending on cap used)
HomeBrew 75m Inverted V   Threw it together when I was working on the gap and it was too cold to finish up.
This was originally on a 25' pushup pole but is now on the tower in at about 50' or so and doing a GREAT job!
MFJ 20 Meter CW Transceiver Model MFJ-9020  Collecting dust.  Have only listened on it so far.
W5NIG HomeBrew PowerStrip©  Needed a power strip for my 12v power supply and didn't want to pay the bucks for one so built one!  Lots of fun.  Probably cost as much by the time I got done, hi hi. 
W5NIG HomeBrew Microphone BreakOut Box© A project that began as a simple (rolling eyes) desire to use the pretty Radio Shack studio microphone that I had been using on my computer and use it on my rig.  I've modified it several times already and have just purchased a larger box for it and am adding lots more goodies!  If it goes well, looks good and works well I might be interested in putting together some kits!   (this item is currently under revision)
Pixie II 80m qrp CW xmitter.  Neat little kit!  I stuffed the guts into a kids walkie talkie!  Good humor in there!
Icom 2100H 2m mobile I have this in the SUV and it does a great job!  Just a simple Hustler 5/8 wave whip on top.
Radio Shack HTX-10 10m mobile  Just bought this about 2 weeks ago! (today is 2/14/2003)  Have it installed and have made some nice contacts on it.  In fact I made my first Japan contact ever on it about 2 days ago!  Thanks JA1AAV!!
Radio Shack HTX-200 2m hand talkie  I live out in the country now so ths low power unit doesn't get much use except (so far) the occasional contact to W5BUG up the road a bit!  I wish it had a keypad!
Radio Shack 25 Amp Switching Power Supply  Does a fine job.
RIGblaster Plus by West Mountain Radio  I LOVE PSK!!  The rigblaster is great!  I have it attached to an older P166 mhz computer that is just for ham stuff.
Force 12 5BA  This is a multi band Yagi that covers everything, including warc bands, from 10 meters to 20 meters.  It had 3 elements on every band! I picked this puppy up used for a pretty decent price at the same time that I picked up the Trylon tower. 
M2 40ML3  This is a three element monobander for 40 meters!  My newest antenna.  Linear loaded and so far performs pretty well!  Wow what a difference going from the rotatable dipole to this antenna!
Trylon free-standing tower  This is a used 64 foot free-standing tower.  The tower is rated at 45 square feet of wind load at 70 mph winds.   I really can't concieve of loading more than about 25 sq. ft. of load on it though.   The Force 12 had pretty much everything I want except maybe a 2 or 3 element yagi for 40 meters (drooling just thinking about a 3 ele yagi!) and some goodies up for 2 meters. I have a TailTwister T2X rotor that I bought off ebay that will be turning it, not the BigBoy rotor that I had dreamed of, but then again I was planning on an An Wireless free staning tower too!
Dentron GLA-1000 Bought this HF amplifier at the Irving hamfest. Came with a spare set of tubes too! Had a few mods done to it and i've cleaned up some of the work on it and it is running good after replacing a diode that started giving me trouble. Will post pictures of it later!

More stuff to come.  Just getting started on the update!

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